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Practice Areas

—Our Areas of Practice

“Thielen, Foley & Mirdo, LLC is dedicated to representing the interests of individuals and businesses, both at the trial and appellate levels.”

Personal Injury Litigation
Our firm is highly skilled with upwards of 40 years experience in handling personal injury lawsuits. As with other areas in which we focus our practice, we deliberately advance the interests of our clients as our first ethical priority in their representation. Because we never underestimate the emotional toll that the lawsuit can take on a person who has suffered a loss, we aggressively advance our client’s case to a timely and successful conclusion.

Wrongful Death
There can be no case more difficult to endure for our clients than one that involves the irreplaceable loss of someone who is dearly loved. Again this is the type of case where our special concern is to sensitively walk with our client through this terrible time of loss. While we aggressively advance the interest of our client in the lawsuit, we compassionately help our client to endure the added pain of having to pursue a lawsuit arising out of that loss.

Truck Accidents
We have extensive experience in handling truck accidents and the injuries that many times result from those accidents. A collision with a tractor-trailer rig weighing upwards of 80,000 pounds seldom occurs without significant injury. Our style of aggressive advocacy is designed to advance the interests of our clients and maximize their recovery to compensate for the injuries that necessarily arise from such a frightening collision.

Family Law
It cannot be debated that the breakup of the family through divorce is a highly emotional and painful experience to endure. This is a time of loss for the entire family. We are committed to a compassionate representation of our clients, but without sacrificing the aggressive advocacy that many times is necessary to protect our client’s interests in the resolution of this difficult family matter.

Insurance Coverage Litigation
Thielen, Foley & Mirdo, LLC takes an active role in assisting businesses, individuals and insurance companies to resolve questions and disputes concerning the scope of insurance coverage. We often are retained to represent the interests of our clients in negotiating a resolution to insurance coverage disputes, or to pursue or defend the rights of our clients in declaratory judgment actions, suits for interpleader, and insurer bad faith litigation.

Workers’ Compensation
Our firm handles all aspects of workers’ compensation litigation, representing individuals in connection with workplace injury claims. We have extensive experience presenting cases before arbitrators, commissioners and appellate courts throughout the State of Illinois.

Commercial Litigation
We often assist in the litigation of business disputes. Whether the action arises out of a contract dispute, product liability, commercial fraud, tortious interference with contractual relations, or various other types of commercial litigation, our firm brings knowledge and experience to optimize our clients’ interests. We are cognizant of and responsive to our client’s business concerns within the context of the litigation.

Construction Litigation
Thielen, Foley & Mirdo has extensive experience resolving a multitude of construction-related matters, including but not limited to issues resulting from design or structural deficiencies, defective workmanship, failure to perform, and ancillary or ensuing property damage. Our attorneys handling these cases have backgrounds or experience in construction, providing the specialized and technical knowledge needed to thoroughly analyze our client’s case and effectuate a successful resolution. Again, our active participation in both the prosecution and defense of these claims allows us to perform a complete and comprehensive dissection of our client’s case, thereby affording our client a more accurate case assessment and strategy.

Real Estate Contract Litigation
Our firm handles disputes and litigation arising from real estate contracts. Although the optimal result of such a contract is a seamless, routine transaction, when that ideal is not met, we intervene to represent our client’s interests and protect their rights. Whether a result of an overt violation of the express contractual obligations or a sheer disregard of an implicit contractual duty, our approach to aggressively advocate for our client endeavors to reach an efficient resolution of the dispute. Our experience in both the prosecution and defense of these claims provides our clients with a unique advantage throughout the pendency of the claim.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Thielen, Foley & Mirdo, LLC has skilled and experienced trial attorneys who are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both sides to a dispute. Our statewide representation of clients in litigation matters gives us the insight necessary to accurately assess the value of claims presented in any venue within the State of Illinois, and to assist parties in reaching an equitable solution to their disputes. Our attorneys provide both arbitration and mediation services to conclude difficult disputes where other attempts at resolution have failed.

Appellate Representation
The firm provides skilled appellate representation to our clients. In the vast majority of our cases, we have obtained favorable results for our clients on appeal, either by protecting the positive outcome we achieved at the trial level, or by obtaining reversal of adverse rulings. Our attorneys recognize that success on appeal often depends upon careful attention to detail at the trial level. Our trial and appellate lawyers collaborate closely in crafting dispositive motions, motions in limine, jury instructions, offers of proof, and post-trial motions designed to create a record in the trial court that will support our client’s position in the event of an appeal. In addition to handling the appellate phase of litigation that originates within our firm, we accept referrals of appellate representation from outside the firm.